Pronunciation guide: dohk·chu·aad
Part of speech: verb animate intransitive
  1. Translation: He/she goes up

    • go up (stairs)
    • mount (stairs)
    Example of word used in sentence:
    • Etug tami eteg? Gi's ta'pu toqjua'i aq nisa'si algwilm, mnaq we'jitu.
      Where could it be? I have already gone up and down the stairs twice looking for it and I haven't found it yet.

    Alternate forms:
      toqjua'i, I go up (first person singular animate)
      toqjua'tieg, We go up (first person dual exclusive animate)
      toqjuita'ieg, We go up (first person plural exclusive animate)

  2. Translation: It swims up stream

    • swim up stream
    Example of word used in sentence: