Pronunciation guide: dek·tes·ke·wet
Part of speech: verb animate intransitive
  1. Translation: He/she kicks

    • kick
    Example of word used in sentence:
    • Mutt ugsamgigjeiwaw na te'sipow muta tegtesgewet.
      Don't stay too close to that horse because he/she kicks.
    Variant spelling(s): tegtesgawet (Bear River)

    Alternate forms:
      tegtesgewei, I am kicking (first person singular animate)
      tegtesgeweieg, We are kicking (first person dual exclusive animate)
      tegtesgewa'utieg, We are kicking (first person plural exclusive animate)

  2. Translation: He/she complains

    • complain
    • object
    Example of word used in sentence:
    • Smtug tegtesgewet nemito'q mujgaapje'ji'jgewei mussew ignmuj.
      He/she complained immediately when he/she saw that he/she was given the smallest piece.