Lexemes for category eat

1. alpatl

2. alt'g
have in mouth
to eat

3. emegwatalg
eat disgusting food
eat in a disgusting manner
messy eater

4. emtesgatalg
fussy eater
eat fussily
finicky eater

5. epistamit
using a piece of food dipped in milk, syrup, or broth and eating it
sop up (with bread)

6. esg'patl
eat raw

7. esg'tamit
eat raw food

8. esg'tg
eat raw

9. esg'tmm'gewei
something to be eaten raw

10. etlatalg

11. ga'qasia't
lips are numb from eating too many rubarb

12. getgatalg
eat ill·manneredly
eat disgusting food

13. getma'tl
finish food
clean out of food
not leave any food

14. getupatl
want to eat
want to taste

15. getutg
want to eat
want to taste

16. g's'talg
finished eating

17. jigpatl
eat all
consume all

18. jigt'g
eat all of
finish consuming

19. malatalg
eat little
eat poorly
eat inadequately

20. malqomatl

21. malqutg

22. matuatalg
eat a little
eat marginally

23. matu'patl
eat scraps
eat a bit of

24. matu't'g
eat a bit of
eat leftovers of

25. megepaji
eat plenty of
eat in abundance

26. megetg
eat plenty of
eat in abundance

27. megetgl
eat plenty of
eat in abundance

28. mesa'toq
swallow slowly

29. meseget
swallow quickly

30. mespatl
tasted by eating

31. metewatalg
makes a sound when eating

32. mijipjewei

33. mijjit

34. musgwatg

35. nespatalg
eat while otherwise occupied

36. pematalg
eat on the go

37. telt'g
eat in such a way
gnaw on

38. tewatalg
eat out
eat in restaurant