Lexemes for category direction

1. apatgimatl
send back

2. aputasga'latl
turn upside down

3. aputasga'toq
turn upside down

4. aputasgiaq
flip over
flip back

5. aputasgiet
fall back
flip over

6. aquoqomgwa's'g
make turn
veer off

7. aquoqomgwa'sit
make turn
veer off

8. asoqoma's'g
cross over

9. asoqoma'sit
cross over

10. asoqomasugwet
wade across in water

11. asoqomigsma'latl
push across

12. asoqomigsma'toq
push across

13. asoqomi'pit
run across

14. asoqomoqtesg
fall across

15. asoqomoqtesing
fall across

16. asoqomu'teget
ferry across

17. asua's'g
back and forth
to and fro
travel back and forth

18. asua'sit
back and forth
to and fro
travel back and forth

19. asu'set
pace back and forth

20. asu'tesg'g
walk back and forth
kick back and forth
go in and out

21. asu'tesguatl
kick back and forth
walk back and forth

22. atuasgwa'q
swim on back

23. ejiglaqsing
flying away

24. ejiglateja'sit
go away quickly

25. ejigligsma'latl
push away

26. ejiglsing
blown away

27. ejiglu'jing
bent (at waist) away

28. ejipewe'g
easterly breeze

29. ela'gwi'teget
steer toward

30. ela'gwi't'g
steer it toward

31. ela'gwi'tmuatl
steer toward

32. elapte'g
walk toward with a cane
walk toward with a crutch

33. elaptoq
make tracks toward
leave footprints to

34. elasga'latl
point it towards
passes it towards
offers it to

35. elasga'toq
point towards
pass towards

36. elasgnatl
hand over (bottle)
holds in the direction of

37. elasugwet
wade in water towards

38. eligp'ta'q
smoke drifts toward

39. elipqama'toq
roll toward
slide toward

40. elqwanig

41. elqwanit

42. eltaqaiaq
something long lying along a path
wind toward
string to
extend to

43. elteg
leads to

44. eltesguatl
chase toward
kick toward

45. elu'gweg
point toward
leaning toward

46. elu'gwet
point toward

47. elu'jing
bent(at waist) gaping toward
lean toward
crane toward

48. enmnqwe'set
go home quickly
go on the way quickly

49. enmoqtesing
stagger onward
stagger home

50. enm'tesguatl
chase onward
chase home

51. esetegja'latl
move backward

52. esetegjapegit
crawl backwards

53. esetegja's'g
moves backwards

54. esetegja'sit
move backwards

55. esetegja'toq
move it backwards

56. esetegjipija'sit
enter backwards

57. gawasga'latl
turn to opposite direction
turn around

58. gawasga's'g
turns around

59. gawasga'sit
turns around

60. gawasga'toq
turn it around

61. gawasgeget
turn it over quickly

62. gawasg'tniaq
change direction, of wind

63. ge'gwei
up above

64. ge'gwi'pit
run onto the top

65. gesgma'latl
take by shortcut
bring by shortest route

66. gesgma'sit
take shortcut

67. gesgma'toq
take or bring by shortest route
take it on a shortcut

68. getu'nmiet
want to go home
intend to go home

69. gp'te'sn

70. ilgwenatl
steer (by head)
direct (by head)

71. ilgweng

72. ilgwi't'g

73. iltaqanatl
guide or direct (horse) by reins

74. inaqan
right side

75. ji'gata'tl

76. ji'gate'g

77. l'sg'j
directory marked out

78. matama'sit
walk towards the road
heading towards the road

79. matamasumteget
wades through snow towards the road

80. mesqana'latl
lay down
put down

81. mesqana'sit
go down to the ground or floor

82. mesqana'toq
lay down
put down

83. nisapega'toq
throw it downward
throw it down

84. nisa'sit
goes down

85. nisa'toq
take down
bring down

86. nisega'latl
pull down

87. nisega'toq
pull down
extend down

88. nisgusuet
climb down

89. nisoqpit
pointed down (something of length)
slanted down (something of length)

90. oqwatn

91. papge'g
down the coast
down river

92. pa'qe'g

93. patatujg
on the left side

94. patatujge'g
towards the left

95. patatujge'l
towards the left

96. pemsulatl
hurrying by with

97. pijapegit
crawl into
crawl underneath

98. pija'sit
go into
go underneath

99. pijiwnaqaiet
jump into
jump inside

100. pisgulgwatg
follow inside

101. pi'taw
up river
up stream

102. pi'tawa'latl
take up river
take up stream

103. pi'tawa's'g
goes up river
goes up the coast

104. pi'tawa'sit
going up river
goes up the coast

105. pi'tawgowa'j
male from up river
male from up the coast

106. pi'tawgowi'sgw
female from up river
female from up the coast

107. so'qiet
go to higher ground or level
go up (in altitude)
go up to the woods (Listuguj)

108. so'qwa'latl
take to higher ground or level
take him/her/it up to the woods (Listuguj)
take up (in altitude)

109. so'qwa'toq
take to higher ground or level
taking it up to the woods (Listuguj)
take up (in altitude)

110. telasg'teg
pointed in such a way

111. tewa'latl
take outside or let out

112. tg'sn

113. toqjua'q
go up (stairs)
mount (stairs)

114. toqjua't
go up (stairs)
mount (stairs)
swim up stream

115. tp'te'sn

116. ugjipen

117. ugjipenugowa'j

118. wanna'sit
go up mission

119. wejgu'aq

120. wejgu'jing
bend and face toward

121. wejgupuguit
stand facing toward

122. wejgutugwi'g
come running

123. wejgwajepit
sit or set facing toward here

124. wejgwajeteg
sit or set facing toward here

125. wejgwapit
sit facing

126. wejgwateja's'g
come in this direction
hurry this way

127. wejgwateja'sit
hurry this way
come in this direction

128. wejgwatejimgwet
come riding on or in

129. wejgwatpo'jing
bent toward here (from head)

130. wejgwina'taqamisugwit
paddle to shore

131. wejgwi'puluet
come on horseback

132. wejgwiqolomgopit
sit facing towards with head hanging down

133. wejgwisugwit
come rowing or paddling toward

134. wejiaq
come from there

135. wenaqialatl
jump at